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About the Pacific islands Climate Education Partnership (PCEP)

PCEP is a collaborative network of Pacific Island communities and friends responding to the impacts of climate change in the Pacific Island region and guided by these following principles:
  • People of the Pacific have local knowledge and time-honored wisdom about climate and its effects on their environments.
  • Modern scientific knowledge and technology, in concert with Pacific Island knowledge and cultural values, should cultivate understanding of climate change and inform adaptation and mitigation actions.
  • Traditional Pacific Island cultural values of identification with and respect for the natural environment should be central to understanding and adapting to climate change.
  • This Pacific Island knowledge and these values contribute in to the resilience of regional communities in responding to impacts of climate change on their environments.
  • Formal and community-based educational systems should be involved in enhancing understanding of climate change and making decisions about climate adaptation strategies.

Our short-term outcomes include collaboratively developing:
  1. A network that will collaborate and coordinate across local community organizations, school districts, state and federal government entities, and academic disciplines
  2. A general, multidisciplinary K-14 climate change science education framework
  3. Processes to facilitate the adaptation of existing curriculum resources to the region’s climates and cultures
  4. A comprehensive, web-based information platform that enables the development and implementation of the PCEP climate change education strategic plan for the USAPI