What is the PCEP wiki?

The PCEP wiki is a collaborative space for PCEP partners and members of Pacific island communities to share resources and tell the story of how climate is impacting our lives.

This is a special type of website designed to make collaboration easy, called a wiki. All changes are recorded in the revision history of each page.

How you can contribute

Don't be afraid to edit! Anyone can edit almost every page. You have valuable knowledge and resources to share!

Find something that can be improved and make it better—for example, spelling, grammar, rewriting for readability, or adding content. If you add new facts (thank you!), please provide references. You can also suggest new ideas on any page's discussion page.

Need help making edits? Use the tutorials list in the left menu or contact barrosc@prel.org.

Remember – you can't break the wiki! All edits can be reversed, fixed or improved later. So go ahead, edit an page and contribute to this collective story of climate and climate change in the Pacific islands.

Join the wiki

While anyone can make edits to almost any page, you are welcome to join wikispaces and become an official member of the PCEP wiki. Join at http://www.wikispaces.com.