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Every organization, government agency, and school has needs. Teachers often invite guests from the community to work with their classes. Organizations and agencies often use volunteers for clean-ups and data collection. Students are often looking for internships. But each of us also has something to offer our community.

Welcome to the PCEP Needs & Services Database. This is a space for all of us -- school administrators, teachers, students,
government agencies, and non-governmental organizations -- to share what we can offer to our communities and find what we need to support our projects and students.

How do I offer my service to my community?

Offer your services to a school as a lecturer or field trip guide.

Volunteer to be a researcher or assist with a community project.
Fill a need advertised by someone in your community.

How do I find help with a project?

Get help for a research project, locate an expert to assist your
class, or find an internship
Can't find a service that fits your need? Advertise for help here.

How do I advertise or find a special event?

Invite everyone to your organization's one-time special event.
Find an upcoming event in your community.